“We are excited to offer NexGoal business model as a franchise opportunity. We play in a very unique space within the recruiting industry, placing former athletes in corporate job openings. Our processes, database technologies, and training, along with the ongoing support of our franchisees, ensure a solid future for our team.``

Kevin Dahl & Brad Mullins - Co-Founders of NexGoal

10 Steps to Become a NexGoal Franchisee

Receive and complete the Initial Application

Fill out the Application

Schedule an Initial Conversation with a NexGoal representative

Receive and complete a Franchise Application

Schedule a Franchise Conversation with NexGoal CEO Kevin Dahl

Receive and complete the Financial Application

Receive and complete the Franchise Disclosure Document

Schedule a Discovery Day at NexGoal’s corporate headquarters in Avon, Ohio

Receive and complete a Franchise Agreement

Make payment for franchise

Schedule Training Day

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