NexGoal Recruiting for Employers

At NexGoal, we strive to help our corporate clients identify, attract and hire top-tier talent into their organizations.

NexGoal gives businesses a unique opportunity to effectively penetrate the often closed community of athletes and job seekers with the athlete mindset to find some of the best talents in the marketplace.

Our services focus on identifying, attracting, qualifying and placing the “best of the best” job seekers in your organization.

The NexGoal Model

NexGoal utilizes the best practices for sourcing through a highly interpersonal model supported by industry-leading technology.

Our experienced staff – comprised of former athletes – executes direct recruiting strategies and ultimately source the athlete-candidate or job seeker with the athlete mindset who represents the “cream of the crop” for positions with our corporate clients.

Our unique networks and opportunities, and our expertise in the latest in web and technological resources enable us to find the best talent.

Our experience as both former athletes and as search consultants give us an understanding of the challenges both businesses and candidates face, and allows us to build an effective bridge between the two.

What We Do


NexGoal’s dedicated team of professionals uses your job requirements to go out and identify the best of the best former athlete-candidates to fill your open positions.


After NexGoal’s team of professionals identifies the best of the best former athletes for your open positions, our team utilizes our industry-proven techniques to attract those athletes to your positions.


Once NexGoal’s team of professionals has identified and attracted the athlete-candidates, our team qualifies them for your positions based on your requirements to ensure you receive top-tier candidates.

Who NexGoal Targets

Former Athletes

NexGoal targets junior and industry-experienced candidates who are effectively qualified by our staff to exceed your hiring needs.


NexGoal reaches out to former coaches for key insights into our athlete-candidates and what made that player a great part of their team.


NexGoal goes above and beyond the standard recruiting practices, going right to the source to identify and qualify athlete-candidates.

Why the Athlete Mindset?

For over 10 years, companies have come to us looking for the same in-demand traits and skillset in their employees. We have identified those traits below.


Athletes have developed good listening skills, taken direction well, and see constructive criticism vital to achieving their goals.


Athletes have been tested by the experience of winning and losing against tough competition.


Athletes believe in their own abilities to produce under pressure, even when the odds are stacked against them, and remain optimistic.


Athletes are organized, observant, and able to give maximum effort on a regular basis.


Athletes are able to concentrate their energies and screen out competing priorities in order to be successful.


Athletes are willing to support the team under any circumstance, understanding its contribution to the morale and success of the team.


Athletes are continually performing – under various circumstances – believing intensity, preparation, and determination will pay off.

Time Management

Athletes have been balancing commitments to academics, training and competing, and family and friends their entire lives.

Employer Success Stories

The team at NexGoal invested substantial effort to understand the Certified Security Solutions (CSS) culture, gaining a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work for CSS in order to ensure a strong match between the candidate and the team. They spent a considerable amount of time asking questions, interviewing a variety of managers to gain a thorough understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, as well as evaluating the unique soft skills required to be successful in the respective roles at our company. We are very pleased with the quality of candidates they presented. The selected candidates are excelling in roles and are having a remarkably positive impact in their assignments at CSS.

Kevin Von Keyserling, President and CEO, CSS

What impressed me initially about NexGoal was the time they spent up front, understanding the core competencies required for our roles. What we have found is that we receive candidates that not only have the expected skills and experience, but more importantly, we receive candidates that have the intangible winning qualities like hunger, drive, and passion. The screening process that they have developed is the best that I have seen in the industry. When I have a NexGoal candidate in front of me, I know that they have thoroughly matched the candidate’s experience and skills to our company culture. The time that they spend with us for each opening really pays off. I can always count on first-class candidates at the interviews.

Bret Anderson, Regional Sales Director, Millennium Labs

NexGoal has been a recruiting partner with our company for the past couple of years. Their concept of placing former college and professional athletes into businesses has been very effective. As a former collegiate athlete I can attest to the attributes that athletes can bring to any company such as Team player, Goal oriented, Disciplined, Coachable, and Able to deal with adversity. I have filled sales positions with NexGoal and have had success in their candidates transitioning into our company. NexGoal provided candidates with diverse backgrounds that were well informed about our company and the position they were interviewing for. NexGoal responded to our requests and did a good job of following up. I would recommend their recruiting services.

John Nierzwicki, President, US Network

NexGoal has been extremely helpful in all of our staffing needs. Their knowledgeable and efficient team has played an instrumental role in recruiting and retaining true talent. Constant communication, a vast selection of candidates and their keen ability to staff even the most specific positions make them second to none. I would highly recommend using NexGoal for all your staffing needs.

Stefanie Avery, Billing and Operations Manager, Accellis

NexGoal has produced great results in our experience. Brittany is amazing. She is very dedicated in helping you find the right fit and has a great follow through. We were impressed with the athletes brought to us because of their competitiveness, drive, preparation, and ability to be coached/take direction.

Michelle Williamson, Escrow Manager & Ron Szymczyk, VP, Fidelity National Title

Since becoming a partner to assist us with our recruiting needs, NexGoal has done an excellent job identifying talent for our organization that aligns with our company culture, our values and what our customers have come to expect from our sales team!

Steve Wilson, US National Sales Manager, A Global Medical Device Company