Pro Athlete Business Group Conference

By NexGoal Staff
In June 21, 2012

Pro Athlete Business Group Conference

The NexGoal team recently attended the Pro Athlete Business Group conference in Sacramento, CA. The 2-day show featured approximately 75 former athletes.  The purpose of the conference was to introduce new business opportunities and career transition assistance to former players. Many businesses and individuals presented throughout the week.

NexGoal CEO Kevin Dahl was honored to speak about our services – he connected many athletes and received inquiries about the NexGoal concept.

From left to right: Kevin Dahl, Ed Hill, Tina Malsom, Anthony Simmons

“Thanks again for your participation and input. It meant so much to us, the participating athletes, and to Pro Athlete Business group as a whole.”

– Anthony Simmons, Executive Director

Some other highlights of the show were the presentations of Annett Lynch and her book, Success Beyond Sport (more here), and keynote speaker Bernie Kosar.  Annett’s vision of helping athletes through a series of self assessments and personal assignments really resonated with the audience.  Her book is a great tool to get started in the process of career discovery and personal application.

Bernie received a standing ovation for his speech which was directed at all the athletes in attendance to stick together as a team in retirement.  Bernie is also a part owner of Genewise, a DNA specific health enhancement company. Genewise contributed to his message for athletes taking care of their bodies after the sport. Every presentation covered a wide range of topics, but was centered on one thing- athletes in transition.

The Pro Athlete Business Group Conference proved to be a great show, with great people and great stories. NexGoal looks forward to next year’s conference in Phoenix.

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