Placement: Helping a Collegiate Tennis Player To the Next Career Level

By Bob Evans
In March 8, 2017

At NexGoal, we take the placing of our athlete-candidates in their new careers very seriously—which is why our project coordinators spend so much time working with each candidate to put them in the best position to succeed. Once our candidates are placed, we like to take the time to share that candidate’s experience with all of you.

Recently, Alaryce Shea had the opportunity to work with a former high school and collegiate Tennis player, Daniel Kaufer. Kaufer wanted to take the next step in his Marketing career with one of our valued clients, so he turned to NexGoal after Shea reached out to him.

When asked why he chose to work with NexGoal, Kaufer stated, “Nexgoal has been very professional with me and they gave me a sense of trust from the beginning.”

Next we asked Kaufer what he enjoyed most about his experience with us throughout the job placement process. “I enjoyed how nice and genuine the staff was with me. You can tell that they genuinely care about placing the right people in the correct positions for new jobs. They are patient but are also persistent if they know you are the right fit and make you think of reasons why you feel you would be a great fit but also why it might not work out. In the end, what it comes down to are the trade-offs vs. pay-offs.”

At NexGoal, one of things we really focus on is allowing our candidates to have a dedicated Project Coordinator, so naturally we always like to ask about the experience the candidate had with them. Kaufer pointed out, “My experience working with the project coordinator was great! Alaryce was amazing and very helpful.”

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Finally, we asked him why others should use NexGoal to help find their next career. He stated,

“They are hard working and foster great relationships with many different companies. Companies trust their judgment and their professionalism is top notch. They will do their absolute best to find you the right job and genuinely care.”

The team here at NexGoal would like to thank Daniel for his kind words, and we wish him the best of luck in his new career!

If you are looking to change jobs and would like the team here at NexGoal to help you like we did Daniel, you can start by filling out our athlete-candidate application here! We look forward to placing you in your “NexCareer!”

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Bob is the Digital Content, Marketing Manager for NexGoal and has been writing in the digital world for 10-plus years.