NexGoal Introducing Career Services Packages For Athlete-Candidates

By NexGoal Staff
In May 2, 2013

screenshotNexGoal International LLC is proud to announce that they’ve developed a series of Career Services Packages specifically with athletes in mind, to advance their career opportunities, and help with their career goals.

The four packages were developed in partnership with a local human resources expert Gary Convertino, PHR and the former athletes on the NexGoal staff. Addressing the challenges that athlete-candidates face as they transition from the athletic arena to the corporate world, the packages differ in specific content, but address key stages and skills during the career search process, including:

  • Career Assessment
  • Resume and Cover Letter development
  • Interview preparation and advice
  • Job sourcing skills (research, utilizing social media, etc.)
  • Development of LinkedIn profiles and Facebook optimization
  • The opportunity to purchase business cards and create a personal website

“Athletes have had coaches their whole lives. Once their athletic careers have concluded, they try to tackle the corporate world on their own,” points out NexGoal co-founder and CEO Kevin Dahl. “Our Career Services Packages offer more coaching for athlete-candidates as they make that career transition. Our staff has made that transition from competition to the corporate world and we can provide the coaching and skills necessary to succeed.”

Enrolling in these programs will prepare athlete-candidates for their next position on a corporate team. The networking and researching skills that they will learn as part of the career search process will serve them beyond landing that dream job, enabling them to effectively network with other professionals in their field, and remain an in- demand recruit for further opportunities down the road. Additionally, with a sharpened profile, our project coordinators can more effectively match an athlete-candidate with our corporate clients.

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For more information on the NexGoal Career Services Packages, contact us at 1-877-2-NexGoal, via e-mail at, or visit our website,