NexGoal Recruiting for Job Seekers

At NexGoal, we strive to make the job seeking experience easier on candidates. Instead of being another resume in the proverbial pile, our project coordinators evaluate your resume the moment you click apply, and reach out to schedule a screening to determine if you are a good fit for the job you applied for.

As experienced search consultants, we understand the challenges businesses face in acquiring and retaining the best talent for their team. We are the “go-to” resource for both job seekers and businesses, acting as an effective bridge in your job seeking process.

What is NexGoal?

NexGoal is a recruiting firm focused on helping job seekers make a career transition with one of our corporate clients.

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Who Do We Help?

Our job seekers are former high school, collegiate and professional athletes, as well as job seekers with the athlete mindset.

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How Do We Help?

Our project coordinators take you through the entire job seeking process, from application to offer letter.

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Why the Athlete Mindset?

In-Demand Traits

Employers all over the country are looking for job seekers who know how to work in a team environment, have the drive to become coachable workers and have hard work and dedication ingrained in their DNA.

Proven Model

Our partnership with corporate clients all over the country has developed an excellent reputation for providing quality job seekers, and they keep coming back to add more members to their team!

Former Athletes

Many of our corporate clients are former athletes themselves, so they understand what it takes to succeed and want to surround themselves with employees with those in-demand traits.

Career Growth Articles

At NexGoal, we take our athlete career placements very seriously – which is why our Project Coordinators spend so much time working with each candidate to put them in the best position to succeed. Once our candidates are placed, we like to take the time to share that candidate’s journey with all of you. Our...

Self-growth is the key to career success no matter what industry you work in. Many businesses offer continuing education to aid their employees in this growth, whether through seminars, training programs, or even education assistance. But if you really want to succeed in your career journey, you need to take the initiative and develop necessary...

At my last job, I was a senior assistant at a finance company. The boss, Mr. Gould, was tall, kinda short. Lightish-dark hair. I remember he had this little dog he would bring into the office named Horton. Or was it Morton? Anyway, I’m sorry, what was the question? If you’ve made it past this...

Job Seeker Success Stories

NexGoal fully prepared me for every step of the interview process. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable about the company. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend NexGoal to any of my teammates who are looking to join the work force. Thanks to everyone at NexGoal who helped me land my dream job.

Jim Burichin, Former Professional Hockey Player

NexGoal is an invaluable service for those searching for a new employment opportunity. They are professional and experienced in placing the right candidate in the right job. In addition, the depth of their employer database and contacts insured my maximum exposure and their follow-up and communication was exceptional.

Eric Hochberg, Former Rutgers Football Player

NexGoal took the time to go over my aspirations and gave me a great view of different career paths before presenting to me the corporation of my choice. Their staff really helped me through the entire hiring process.

Patrick Harrington, Former Ohio State University Wrestler

I would not have been introduced to Berchtold without Nick Martens and NexGoal’s hard work to seek me out. As a busy sales professional, I do not have the time to pursue promising companies that can benefit me and my family. Nick utilized his resources told went above and beyond to get me in contact with Berchtold and stay in contact with them. His professionalism and determination were instrumental in developing a relationship between his recruit and his client.

Chris Curiel, Former Texas A&M Football Player

NexGoal was the nicest and most helpful recruiting firm that I have worked with. They gave me everything I needed to be prepared for the interview and were always available to answer any questions that I had. They were unique in the fact that I felt as if I was the only person they were working with. They always went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed for the interview. I will highly recommend any of my friends or family to NexGoal if they are looking for a new career opportunity.

Jerry Elsing, Former Rutgers University Baseball Player

Being my first ever job recruiting experience I didn’t know what to expect, but NexGoal’s sincerity and professional demeanor eased the entire process for me. NexGoal advised/coached me and made it a personal experience. I knew they were a phone call away if I had questions. I would recommend NexGoal’s services to anyone who played sports in college and/or is newly out of college and is looking for a career.

Jacob Roth, Former Collegiate Soccer Player