What NexGoal Does


NexGoal's dedicated team of professionals uses your job requirements to go out and identify the best of the best former athlete-candidates to fill your open positions.


After NexGoal's team of professionals identifies the best of the best former athletes for your open positions, our team utilizes our industry-proven techniques to attract those athletes to your positions.


Once NexGoal's team of professionals has identified and attracted the athlete-candidates, our team qualifies them for your positions based on your requirements to ensure you receive top-tier candidates.

NexGoal gives businesses a unique opportunity to effectively penetrate the often closed community of athletes to find some of the best talent in the marketplace.

Our services focus on identifying, attracting, qualifying, and placing the “best of the best” former athletes whose core attributes (biodata) can give performance predictability and represent added value to a corporate team.

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Who NexGoal Targets


NexGoal targets junior and industry-experienced candidates who are effectively qualified by our staff to exceed your hiring needs.


NexGoal reaches out to former coaches for key insights into our athlete-candidates and what made that player a great part of their team.

College Alumni Associations

NexGoal goes above and beyond the standard recruiting practices, going right to the source to identify and qualify athlete-candidates.

We engage directly with colleges, coaches, alumni associations, and sports affiliates to identify and qualify the athlete-candidates who truly represent your best hire. These coaches, administrators, and peers can provide key insight into the athlete-candidate: what made the player a great part of the team.

The NexGoal Model

NexGoal utilizes the best practices for sourcing through a highly interpersonal model supported by technology.

Our experienced staff – comprised of former athletes – executes direct recruiting strategies and ultimately sources the athlete-candidate who represents the “cream of the crop” for positions with our corporate clients.

Our unique networks and opportunities, and our expertise in the latest in web and technological resources, enable us to find the best talent. Our experience as both former athletes and as search consultants gives us an understanding of the challenges both businesses and candidates face, and allows us to build an effective bridge between the two.

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NexGoal has been instrumental in delivering high-quality financial services candidates to us over the past several years. Their ability to facilitate the relationship between our firm’s hiring manager and the candidate has allowed us to move quickly through the hiring process. They have also been extremely easy to work with.”

Curt Lindsay, Managing Partner - WestPoint Wealth Management