NexGoal works with our athlete-candidates, most of whom are new to the job search and unfamiliar with the process and successful techniques it takes to find that perfect fit.

Our staff is involved with the entire process – from sharpening cover letters and resumes, to prepping our candidates before they participate in the big interview with our corporate clients.

We support our athlete-candidates throughout the whole job search process and beyond…which is why so many of them would like to tell you a little bit about their journey with NexGoal!

“NexGoal is an invaluable service for those searching for a new employment opportunity. They are professional and experienced in placing the right candidate in the right job. In addition, the depth of their employer database and contacts insured my maximum exposure and their follow-up and communication was exceptional. All former athletes at all levels should get listed in NexGoal’s database.”

Eric Hochberg - Former Rutgers Football Player

“I would not have been introduced to Berchtold without Nick Martens and NexGoal’s hard work to seek me out. As a busy sales professional, I do not have the time to pursue promising companies that can benefit me and my family. Nick utilized his resources told went above and beyond to get me in contact with Berchtold and stay in contact with them. His professionalism and determination were instrumental in developing a relationship between his recruit and his client.”

Chris Curiel - Former Texas A&M Football Player

“NexGoal took the time to go over my aspirations and gave me a great view of different career paths before presenting to me the corporation of my choice. Their staff really helped me through the entire hiring process.”

Patrick Harrington - Former Ohio State University Wrestler

“Being my first ever job recruiting experience I didn’t know what to expect, but NexGoal’s sincerity and professional demeanor eased the entire process for me. NexGoal advised/coached me and made it a personal experience. I knew they were a phone call away if I had questions. I would recommend NexGoal’s services to anyone who played sports in college and/or is newly out of college and is looking for a career.”

Jacob Roth - Former Collegiate Soccer Player

“When I first talked to Brad and Kevin during my interview for the NexGoal internship opportunity, I knew that NexGoal would be a great place for me. I wanted to find an internship that would help me grow as an individual in the business world, and NexGoal provided the perfect platform to do so. Brad and Kevin, along with project coordinators Mike and Tyler, taught me more than I could have ever imagined. The team was extremely open to any questions that I had and was committed to helping me learn essential communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills that will aid me in my future business endeavors. NexGoal is not like any other recruiting firm out there. The team centered structure makes the entire process more personal than other firms. Everyone there was highly motivated and dedicated to getting the job done and done right. Overall, from the minute I walked in the door I felt like one of the team, and my three months there were such a blast. I would highly recommend their services to any former athletes that I know.”

Matt Eckhardt - Former University of Toledo Football Player

“NexGoal helped me to find a new career path right when I needed it most. Their staff prepared me for each interview and gave me the upper hand that helped me to further my professional career with a well-respected and well-known company. I would highly recommend their services to any former athlete looking for a leg up on the competition.”

Anonymous - Former Ohio State University Swimmer

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“Angela Berardinelli’s hard work at NexGoal and dedication provided me with the support that I needed to land the great career opportunity. I was fortunate enough to come across Angela and her company NexGoal, through a LinkedIn group page. From the beginning of our correspondence I could tell that Angela was passionate about what she does and truly has her client’s best interest in mind. We navigated through a fairly lengthy recruitment process and she provided me with support and insight the whole way. Her guidance gave me the confidence required to win the position. Any former athlete or company would benefit greatly by partnering with Angela.”

Matt Pali - Former Florida Atlantic University baseball player

“NexGoal was the nicest and most helpful recruiting firm that I have worked with. They gave me everything I needed to be prepared for the interview and were always available to answer any questions that I had. They were unique in the fact that I felt as if I was the only person they were working with. They always went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed for the interview. I will highly recommend any of my friends or family to NexGoal if they are looking for a new career opportunity.”

Jerry Elsing - Former Rutgers University Baseball Player

“NexGoal fully prepared me for every step of the interview process. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable about the company. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend NexGoal to any of my teammates who are looking to join the work force. Thanks to everyone at NexGoal who helped me land my dream job.”

Jim Burichin - Former Niagara University and Professional Hockey Player

“Being a former athlete, I believe that any goal can be accomplished through drive and passion. Whether it’s playing a sport, working in a factory or in corporate America, those traits all translate to success. NexGoal understands this and puts athletes in a position to succeed. The biggest benefit in working with NexGoal was that they were open and honest with me, so I felt I could be open and honest with them. I’ve worked with a couple of recruiting agencies before NexGoal. It was the same story with each. They tried to push one position. Once something fell through, all communication was lost. NexGoal stayed in contact with me throughout the whole job searching process. If I had any questions, they were very quick to respond. They also prepared me as to what to expect during the interviewing process. I heavily endorse NexGoal, and would recommend them to any former athlete looking to get started with a new profession, or make a change in their career.”

Mike Bujdos - Former American International College Hockey Player

“I come from a family of sales and businessmen/ woman. But I also have a biochemistry degree. I wanted to incorporate both of my passions in to the perfect medical sales position. Mike Kordel and I connected via Linkedln and I saw the positions he was posting and placing people in so I reached out to him and sent him my resume. Immediately, Mike called me and set me up with a position with a top medical solutions company. I was excited and agreed to the interview! Mike even called me on a Sunday, to go over a few things to prep me for my interview. Mike went over interview questions with me, provided me with the company websites, as well as facts about the company. He called me before the interview to make sure I was set and to see if I needed to role play, and we touched base after the interview. The interview was intense and very competitive. But since I was prepped so well for the interview, I was able to really knock it out of the park!!
I’ve been in contact with other recruiters before and none of them compare to the assistance Mike provided at NexGoal. He was personable, and very accommodating to others needs. Most importantly, it was clear to see he really does work hard and loves his job!!Without a doubt I would recommend NexGoal! NexGoal placed me in a job that is a once in a life time opportunity! I love working in my new position in medical sales and I am truly blessed that I obtained this position, and I owe it all to NexGoal. Thank you to NexGoal, and especially Mike for helping me!!”

Kaitlyn Sadallah - Associate Sales Position

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