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We help former athletes and job seekers with the athlete mindset transition to their next career with our corporate clients.

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NexGoal prepares you to enter the job market and offers career transition services for those just entering the job market – and those seeking a new professional challenge.

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NexGoal recruits the highest quality athlete-candidates and job seekers with the athlete mindset for businesses seeking competitively driven talent for their corporate teams.

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Our dedicated team of project coordinators utilizes our industry-leading technology to source top tier candidates. We save you time by doing all of the heavy-lifting and presenting you with candidates who match your job requirements.

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Of all the tools in a job seeker’s arsenal, the cover letter may be one of the most maligned and misunderstood. No one likes writing cover letters. It often seems like that extra effort rarely pays off in landing an interview. And many recruiters state that they dislike or even won’t read cover letters. But...

Putting it lightly, not all jobs are created equally. Yet some workers feel like they need to stay in a less-than-ideal situation to avoid the perception of being a job hopper. Yet careers are less linear than in the past, and the stigma around job hopping is fading away. If you’re in need of a...

Saying “no” at work isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a people pleaser. But sometimes, we must decline, whether it’s thanks to a full workload, a lack of resources, or because a task is simply unfeasible. But just as learning to say “no” can be a challenge, learning the right way to say “no” is...


Job Seekers

NexGoal's dedication provided me with the support that I needed to land the great career opportunity. I was fortunate enough to come across NexGoal, through a LinkedIn group page. From the beginning of our correspondence, I could tell that my recruiter was passionate about what she does and truly has her client’s best interest in mind. We navigated through a fairly lengthy recruitment process and she provided me with support and insight the whole way. Her guidance gave me the confidence required to win the position. Any former athlete or company would benefit greatly by partnering with NexGoal.

Matt Pali, Former Florida Athletic Baseball Player


The team at NexGoal invested substantial effort to understand the Certified Security Solutions (CSS) culture, gaining a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work for CSS in order to ensure a strong match between the candidate and the team. They spent a considerable amount of time asking questions, interviewing a variety of managers to gain a thorough understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, as well as evaluating the unique soft skills required to be successful in the respective roles at our company. We are very pleased with the quality of candidates they presented. The selected candidates are excelling in roles and are having a remarkably positive impact in their assignments at CSS.

Kevin Von Keyserling, President & CEO, CSS