What is a Day Like at NexGoal?

According to The Business Dictionary recruiting is, “the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate from within or outside of an organization for a job opening in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

The NexGoal recruiting process includes:

  • Analyzing the requirements of a job.
  • Attracting employees to that job.
  • Screening and selecting applicants.
  • Hiring and integrating new employees to the organization.

What Does NexGoal Provide Franchises?

NexGoal offers a proven business model and industry-best practices that work to create a winning business for you. As a franchise, you will provide recruiting services, using our industry position, to identify and place talent in critical positions with corporate clients.

In addition to the “business in a box” elements, NexGoal provides:

Training Camp

How to pick a niche business segment, how to recruit, how to run an effective recruiting office; full desk recruiting training; CRM training; policy and procedure training; “Closing the Sale” training; and how to network within the sports community.

Ongoing Training

Once you join the team, our training starts with training until you feel comfortable. Then, it continues on a monthly basis thereafter, and annual conferences.


You will receive field support, peer group support, and coaching.


Access to a shared state-of-the-art database, all forms and documents, and research assistance. This includes operations manuals and IT support.

Performance Management

Our team helps you set realistic goals and monitor those goals to ensure success.

Marketing and Brand Development

Since we know how to grow a successful brand, our model for marketing and brand development is the best way to get started.

NexGoal has Two Types of Franchises Available.

What are they?

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