Meet the NexGoal Team


Kevin Dahl

Co-Founder, CEO

Kevin Dahl is the co-founder and CEO of NexGoal. Kevin is a former professional hockey player and Olympic Silver medalist.


Brad Mullins

Co-Founder, COO

Brad Mullins is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NexGoal. Brad is a former Division III and USFL football player.


Bob Evans

Digital Marketing Manager

Bob Evans is the Digital Content and Marketing Manager for NexGoal and former college baseball player.


Zach Seybert

Digital Marketing Specialist

Zach is the Digital Content and Marketing Specialist for NexGoal, as well as a former baseball player.


Shawn Halek

VP of Recruiting

Shawn Halek is the VP of Recruiting and a former football player and football coach.

Thomas LaRosa NexGoal

Thomas LaRosa

Business Development

Tom is part of the Business Development team, and a former college football player/wrestler.


Suzanne Woods

Business Development Executive

Suzanne Woods is a Business Development Executive who focuses on aligning clients with candidates.

Eric Wagner NexGoal

Eric Wagner


Eric is a Researcher specializing in candidate identification and outreach.

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