NexGoal Places Mike Bujdos

By Staff
In December 28, 2015

Cleveland, Ohio (12/28/2015) – As 2015 comes to a close, NexGoal is happy to announce the placement of Mike Bujdos as a Sales Representative with CSS in NE Ohio.  Being a former athlete, Mike appreciated how NexGoal was able to identify with him and communicate effectively with him throughout the entire hiring process.

“Being a former athlete, I believe that any goal can be accomplished through drive and passion. Whether it’s playing a sport, working in a factory, or in corporate America, those traits all translate to success. NexGoal understands this and puts athletes in a position to succeed. The biggest benefit in working with NexGoal was that they were open and honest with me, so I felt I could be open and honest with them. I’ve worked with a couple of recruiting agencies before NexGoal. It was the same story with each. They tried to push one position. Once something fell through, all communication was lost. NexGoal stayed in contact with me throughout the whole job searching process. If I had any questions, they were very quick to respond. They also prepared me as to what to expect during the interviewing process. I heavily endorse NexGoal, and would recommend them to any former athlete looking to get started with a new profession, or make a change in their career.”

Mike Bujdos
Former Hockey Player American International College

We wish Mike the best success in his new position and are glad to have helped him reach a new step in his career!

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