NexGoal offers two types of franchises for development. Both offer support, training, and a business model.

Whether you are a regional developer or an individual franchisee, NexGoal will provide the steps to building a successful, strategic talent acquisition firm to help you cultivate a plan to develop your market.

Regional Developer

  • Develop a specific territory with the opportunity to recruit and support franchises to be located on its own exclusive territory.
  • Operate on regular franchise recruitment business.
  • Can pay a fee to NexGoal ranging from 100 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars depending on the market size and demographics.
  • A diverse revenue stream exists through recruiting selling franchises and splitting royalties with the franchises in that territory.
  • Receives from NexGoal one-half (50%) of A) the 8% monthly royalty fee paid by each franchise in the territory and B) the initial franchise fee (currently 50 thousand dollars) in the territory.
  • NexGoal will establish a development schedule that defines the expected market penetration over the course of the agreement in order to maintain motivation to find qualified franchisees and build a strong royalty base.

Individual Franchisee

  • Operates a NexGoal recruitment business.
  • Pays an initial franchise fee of 50 thousand dollars to NexGoal and a monthly royalty fee of 8% of gross revenue.
  • Receives initial and ongoing training.
  • Can build a business as one of the following:
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Small Practice
  • Billing Manager
  • Large Office
  • Non-billing Manager

NexGoal has the steps to become a NexGoal Franchise outlined for you.

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