The NexGoal Franchise Gameplan

NexGoal offers a proven business model and industry best practices that work to create a winning business for you.

As a NexGoal franchisee you will provide recruiting services utilizing NexGoal’s unique approach to recruiting that identifies the biodata associated with top tier talent in critical positions with companies.

Whether you decide to become a Regional Developer or an Individual Franchisee, working with NexGoal promotes a service that is both professionally and financially rewarding. Work with people like yourself, and become part of a team of athletes working with former athletes.

**Initial investment required.

NexGoal Franchise Benefits

  • NexGoal Gameplan: Personalized business plan for your success
  • NexGoal Training Camp: World class training and ongoing professional development
  • NexGoal Technology: State-of-the-art CRM and dashboard system to manage your business
  • NexGoal Support: Access to our system wide databases. You also have access to our research tools and staff.
  • NexGoal Brand: Highly respected advisors with our unique market.

Who is a NexGoal Target Franchisee?

  • Athletes seeking a career.
  • Former Olympic/Professional/Collegiate athletes.
  • Athletes that are well-networked with local businesses and other athletes.
  • Athletes that want to be their own boss and own their own business.
  • Athletes that will work to become a success in the business world.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join NexGoal as a Franchisee

  • Lifestyle: Flexible hours conducive to a family lifestyle.
  • Revenue: Uncapped income opportunity.
  • Career: Start your second career in sports.
  • Experience: No previous experience required.
  • Rewarding: Personal satisfaction helping others reach their ``next goal.``
  • Team: Work with athletes and former athletes in a team environment.

Where to Start Your NexGoal Franchise Journey

Franchising 101

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A brief overview of franchising and the NexGoal business model.

Typical Day at NexGoal

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How NexGoal operates as a specialized search firm.

What NexGoal Provides Its Franchisees

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More information on resources, training, and ongoing support NexGoal offers to its franchisees.

Franchise Types

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NexGoal offers two business models -- which is right for you?

10 Steps to Become a NexGoal Franchisee

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Review of the NexGoal franchise vetting process.

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