Athlete-Candidate Core Attributes


Athletes have developed good listening skills, taken direction well, and see constructive criticism vital to achieving their goals.


Athletes have been tested by the experience of winning and losing against tough competition.


Athletes believe in their own abilities to produce under pressure, even when the odds are stacked against them, and remain optimistic.


Athletes are organized, observant, and able to give maximum effort on a regular basis.

Highly Focused

Athletes are able to concentrate their energies and screen out competing priorities in order to be successful.


Athletes are willing to support the team under any circumstance, understanding its contribution to the morale and success of the team.


Athletes are continually performing – under various circumstances – believing intensity, preparation, and determination will pay off.


Athletes have been tested by both success and failure, and they bounce back and soldier on.

Team Player

Athletes understand the goals and success of the organization (team) come first before egos and personal objectives.

Time Management

Athletes have been balancing commitments to academics, training and competing, and family and friends their entire lives.

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